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Sunday, 07 October 2007



Cool, thanks for sharing this Tania, now I want to make a cute berry hat!


Hey, that makes sense! I can't imagine trying to figure that out from written instructions.


I LOVE YOU. I've just got the pattern for the berry hat in the post and you're the first person I've found to give proper instructions on K5B. Thank you thank you thank you. x x x x


Thank goodness for the internet and kind folks like YOU! I was ready to give up on this adorable hat that I so wanted to make for my granddaughter. You saved the day...and the hat.


I'll send a photo when the hat is completed.
Thanks again.
Karima in Buffalo


Thanks! I came across this stitch in a cowl pattern and was confused by their directions. You made it make sense for me.

Katy Pat

Thank you sooooo much for this entry! I am making this hat for my 4 year old daughter and she is so excited about it, but the berry pattern stitch in the directions confused me to no end. And you're right, thanks for the crochet hook tip! You saved the project!


Thanks. I needed this tute and couldnt find anything clear on it.

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