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Saturday, 09 July 2005



those socks are fabulous....I love the color and the pattern.


The socks turned out beatifully!

And, oh, the cherries! They look so wonderful. I think I may have to buy a whole bunch (as in a bushel!) and can cherries this year. Mmmm...


those socks turned out great! YUM cherries!


How beautiful...I thought we are supposed to send them out in September? Do you have someone outside of the US? LOL


They are awesome! What a great job you did. (Wish you were my pal!) And I love that you are making anklets with the leftovers.


The socks look great, what a pretty pattern.

I don't think I have ever seen cherries that size!


wowsa! those are some purrrty cherries. and the socks are beautiful!


They're gorgeous and I love the pattern.

sarah irene

Yay! Love your socks. Great color.


Congrats, Tania! You're done! The socks are gorgeous. Beautiful color, beautiful stitchwork. Hmm....I think I want to try some of that Cashsoft myself....


Gorgeouos! I'm glad to see someone doing short-row heels. I love your stitch work.

Lola Lee

Wow . . . truly gorgeous!


Got these sock yesterday...they're so fabulous! They make me wish I was still a student so no-one would look at my funny if I wore them with sandals!

Really, you are a master knitter! And so many treats...I've got a date with CSI, the socks and maybe a couple of cookies tonight. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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